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What is an 'Open rate'?

When a reader opens the email, the image is downloaded, and we can record that download as an open for that specific email. Recording an 'open rate' can only happen if the reader's email client is capable of displaying HTML with images, and that option is turned on. So if you are sending text-only emails, open rates won't be recorded. When people reading your HTML email without images showing it also won't be recorded as opens. The 'magnifying glass' symbol gives you details about who has displayed images in your mailing.


What is a 'Click rate'?

A click rate is recorded when a reader clicks on a link(s) you have placed in your newsletter. You can view each link under 'Popular links' (as shown in above picture). By clicking the 'magnifying glass' symbol, you will be able to view who has clicked a link from your mailing.


What is a 'Bounce rate'?

The bounce rate is usually expressed as a percentage of undeliverable email addresses compared to the total number of emails in your list(s). There are different reasons for bounces. The most common reason for general bounces is a firewall that prevents these accounts from receiving email from outside their network, such as in case of corporations that block email from unkown sources. Another reason for bounces are email addresses that are obsolete, expired, incorrect and will never be delivered to the intended recipient. You may check on typos which you can easily update and correct. If a subscriber has a full mailbox, their domain is temporarily down, or for some other technical reason they are current not able to receive email, can also be another reason for bounces. If you click on the 'magnifying glass' symbol it will give you more details about the bounced email addresses.


What does 'Unsubscribed' mean?

The unsubscribed data tells you the total number of recipients that clicked the unsubscribe link in your mailing. If you get any unsubscribes you can also click on the 'magnifying glass' symbol to view the recipient's details.


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